SIN Customs Artist - Ryan Curtis

Welcome to SIN Customs my name is Ryan Curtis, Illustrator, Artist and Owner.

Throughout my childhood I was consumed with two things, art and anything with wheels. Hot wheels cars were and still are a passion for me along with the full scale projects in the garage. In high school I was introduced to the mini truck scene and became infatuated with the trucks of the late 80's and early 90's. There was just something about the low stance and elaborate paint schemes that had me hook and filling my sketchbooks with them. 

After highschool I pursued a a degree in Visual Communications and worked as a Graphic Designer and Art Director for various advertising agencies, and business. After ten years within the advertising industry I felt that something was missing and started automotiveSIN Magazine a publication that focused on automotive Style, Intrigue, and Nobility (SIN). This satisfied my passion for vehicles for awhile, but there was still something missing. In 2007 I established my art studio SIN Customs in San Tan Valley, Arizona. Over the next several years I would develop and merge my affection for cool vehicles, custom paint, and illustration in to an artistic brand - HotRodCarArt

Today my speciality is automotive art and the new “SIN” mantra “Style, Innovation, and Nostalgia” can be seen in my work exhibited through out the United States in various shows and galleries. My work is a unique mixed media blend of digital technology, automotive painting techniques, and traditional painting methods.