How to Decorate a Child's Room with Hot Rod Car Art

Published by Vonda J. S on 8th Oct 2014

Most youngsters spend a lot of time in their rooms sleeping, playing and studying. If there’s a child in your family who loves cars, there are plenty of decorating ideas to make a fantasy room come true.

One versatile way to create a car theme is using hot rod car art. The great thing about metal signs and prints is that educational opportunities come with them.

For example, if you want a youngster to pick up a bit of geography, arrange state route signs horizontally across a wall from east to west or vertically from north to south. Many of these signs feature renderings of hot rods or classic vehicles like the VW Beetle that will fascinate young car fans and result in great research skills.

If you opt for signs that are predominantly white, you can showcase them by painting three walls of a child’s room a light shade and going dramatic with the fourth wall in vibrant blue or red. The signs emerge as the focal point of the room.

Another option is clustering prints in groups of three or four. A group of stop, one-way and speed limit signs could trigger some great safety habits when a youngster is old enough to get behind the wheel.

A clever way to create storage space and display car art is the use of shelving. Create a niche for a kid’s computer and display a cluster of art above it. Use some of the shelves to hold colorful models of a few of the cars pictured in the art. If your youngster is already a NASCAR fan, how about a bright auto-themed bedspread and a pair of crossed checkered flags above a group of attractive auto prints?

Decorating a room with hot rod car art is an easy, affordable and creative way to a child’s heart.

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